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Major TV network looking for friendly neighbors in Savannah for new TV series

by | Feb 25, 2020

Every year, Savannah attracts millions of visitors from around the world seeking the quaint and historic charm of the city. This Spring, however, Savannah will be hosting a new TV series looking to highlight the city.

A new television series is stopping in Savannah to highlight the heart of Southern Hospitality. Do you have a Tight-Knit Relationship with your neighbors? Do you live on the same block as your Family Members or Best Friends? Do you like to get together with the neighborhood to host events, fundraisers or family-fun block parties? Do you think your neighborhood can show the world what beauty the community of Savannah holds? THEN YOU MAY BE THE PERFECT FIT for the new docu-series coming to Savannah this Spring.

Essentially, the premise of the show centers around getting to see what an average day might be like in a Savannah neighborhood. With hopes to immerse the viewer into a Savannah community often unseen by the common tourist, the series hopes to peer into the homes and neighborhoods of beautiful Georgia’s hidden corners.

The new series is on the hunt for three to four groups of neighbors who all live on the same block, who share a special bond. The series will showcase a community event or block party-themed tour of the selected neighborhood, highlighting the architecture, community, and culture of the city.

If you feel like you and your neighbors have that unique burrow of Savannah and wouldn’t mind a full day of showing off your city, then you can apply at

The filming is expected to hit Savannah streets at the beginning of April and would take place for 1-2 days. All age groups, backgrounds, and neighborhoods are welcome to apply!

by | Feb 25, 2020

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