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Thunderbolt Mayor Dana Williams and Town Council Recognize Thunderbolt's First African American Police Officer

Mr. Ben Green Returned Home From the Vietnam War as a Disabled Veteran and Joined the Thunderbolt Police Department

Thunderbolt Mayor, Council, and Police Department proudly honor Ben Green, the first African American police officer and distinguished Vietnam War veteran, with a special proclamation during Black History Month.

In a poignant ceremony, Thunderbolt Mayor Dana Williams recognized Ben Green not only for his groundbreaking role as the department's inaugural African American officer but also for his exceptional service as a disabled veteran returning from the Vietnam War. Mayor Dana Williams said, “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to stand with current uniformed officers, the Green family, and community members and present this award to Mr. Green. This ceremony not only celebrates Mr. Green’s courage on the battlefield but also his resilience and dedication that now define him in service to our community. His journey inspires us to strive for unity and equality, recognizing that diversity is our strength.”

The proclamation, read aloud in the presence of fellow officers, community members, and local officials, pays tribute to Ben Green as a living embodiment of history. As the nation celebrates Black History Month, Thunderbolt acknowledges and commends Mr. Green for his courage, resilience, and commitment to both his country and community.

Ben Green's unwavering dedication to public service, despite facing the challenges of being a disabled veteran, serves as an inspiration to us all. The Thunderbolt Police Department takes pride in recognizing Ben Green's enduring legacy and contributions, underscoring the importance of diversity and inclusion within law enforcement.