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Enmarket Arena Adds Free Public Wi-Fi for Guests and Fans Ahead of Riley Green Concert


Oak View Group, operators and managers of Enmarket Arena in Savannah, GA, announced today that free public Wi-Fi will be available to all guests and fans, launching ahead of their Riley Green, Ain’t My Last Rodeo Tour show on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

All those that wish to connect to Enmarket Arena Wi-Fi can do so for free using the network ‘Enmarket Arena flySAV Wi-Fly’ when at the Arena.  

Since the opening of Enmarket Arena in February 2022 with Riley Green as their first concert, installing Wi-Fi and providing better connectivity for guests has been in the works, and a priority for the arena staff and General Manager, Monty Jones Jr. “Wi-Fi is a common request from our guests and fans. We know that technology and internet use is part of our daily lives, and for guests and fans visiting Enmarket Arena, capturing and sharing memories is important to them, so it’s also important to us. So now, two years later with the return of Riley Green, we thought it was the perfect time to launch,” Jones said.

The newly launched Enmarket Arena Wi-Fi is also in partnership with InventureIT, specialists in Computer and IT Services. Chief Operating Officer, Stacey Roach of InvenutreIT says, “Inventure IT is a big supporter of Enmarket Arena and all that it adds to the Savannah entertainment scene. As a technology firm, we felt it important to do our part to bring a first-class wireless experience that keeps us connected at every event!”

While there may be some trial and error, and it is important to note that connection strength may vary depending on where you are in the Arena, the installation of Wi-Fi will allow guests and fans in nearly all areas—including concourses, concessions and premium areas, reliable access to the Wi-Fly Network.

Whether you are enjoying the sights and sounds of Riley Green Saturday night, or a Ghost Pirates hockey game, it will be a lot easier to post and share your memorable Enmarket Arena experiences online. Powered by Bulloch Solutions, leading innovator of IT Solutions, guests can now do just that. “Bulloch Solutions is excited to provide the best in technology and Wi-Fi solutions to Enmarket Arena, allowing visitors the very best experiences while enjoying seamless internet connections,” said Stuart Gregory, Director of Business Development for Bulloch Solutions.

Tickets for Riley Green and all upcoming Enmarket Arena events can be purchased online at and