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Step Up Savannah Partners with ACE Women’s Business Center to Launch GoGAL Microgrant Program


Step Up Savannah, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to economic inclusion and community development, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the ACE Women’s Business Center to introduce the GoGAL Microgrant Program. This initiative is designed to empower women of color who are aspiring business owners by providing them with the resources and support necessary to thrive in entrepreneurship.

The GoGAL Microgrant Program will select 20 Chatham Apprentice Program Graduates who are women of color and single heads of households. The program aims to nurture their entrepreneurial aspirations by offering comprehensive training, business planning assistance, and a $2,500 grant to support various startup costs such as licensure, website and branding development, fees, headshots, and more. ‘GoGal is the first offering of an entrepreneurial pathway for our Chatham Apprentice Program in its 14-year history,’ said Alicia M. Johnson, executive director at Step Up Savannah, “It will be a gamechanger for our community. Empowering single women, who are heads of households to become business owners not only transforms lives but creates a ripple effect of socioeconomic resilience, proving the ability of entrepreneurship to change the economic mobility of low-wealth communities of color.

Step Up Savannah and ACE Women’s Business Center believe economic empowerment is a critical step towards breaking the cycle of asset poverty. “The mission of the GOGAL program aligns seamlessly with the WBC/ACE program's philosophy of "help one, affect many" says Vernell Stewart Director of WBC/ACE Entrepreneurs. “We are excited about our mission to close the gap in business ownership by offering entrepreneurs the necessary educational and financial support to not only launch but also sustain their enterprises successfully.”

To mark the launch of the program, Step Up Savannah and ACE Women’s Business Center will host a kick-off event, January 25, 2024, at 6 PM the Coastal Georgia Center Auditorium, providing an opportunity for the community and interested participants to learn more about the initiative and its potential impact. Members of the press, community leaders, and interested individuals are invited to join in celebrating this significant step towards fostering women’s entrepreneurship.

Applications are currently open for the GoGAL Microgrant Program and can be found at: The official start date for the GoGAL Microgrant Program is February 8, 2024. Selected participants will embark on a transformative journey empowering women of color to thrive in entrepreneurship.

For media inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to RSVP for the launch event, please contact