How to Hire and Retain Talented Tech Employees

by | Mar 9, 2021

In 2020, the workforce has been disrupted like never before due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But would it surprise you to hear that another period of disruption is coming? Technology is a driving force of change that has pushed industries all around the world to the brink of change for years. To stay ahead of this disruption, companies must hire talented employees who can propel your company into the future of work.

Finding the right talent can be difficult as it seems there’s an almost limitless number of people currently seeking jobs. However, Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

You don’t simply want to hire the person who has the most knowledge. Staying relevant in the future of work requires a company’s workforce to be composed of individuals who are motivated to create change. To find these talented few, it’s important to look outside the box and beyond the standard recruiting locations and platforms. Keeping your employees engaged and motivated is something else entirely. But before we get too far ahead, here are two of the best places you should look to discover talented tech workers:

Trade Schools

Although technology may be a disruptive force in the job market, it has also been a force of creation over the last few years. As a whole, education has been revolutionized, and anyone can now switch careers whenever they choose. Trade schools are a form of specialized education where students learn the skills they need to enter a specific career.

Unlike college or university, a trade school course can be completed in around a year, and they are typically much cheaper than a graduate program. This has also made them a popular option for older and experienced members of the workforce who are looking to change careers. The reason trade schools are often overlooked is that most people are unaware of the benefits.

Recent studies show that only 11 percent of people surveyed believe trade schools lead to high-paying jobs, yet in reality, 27 percent of trade school graduates earn more money than traditional college graduates. Overcome this misconception of trade schools and you will discover talented tech employees vying for job opportunities. Job Training Hub lists many highly rated trade schools that you could potentially work with as a hiring partner.

Tech Bootcamps

Another great place to source talented tech experts is from tech bootcamps. Over the past decade, coding bootcamps have become leaders in tech education. However, some people are unaware that many skilled coders have attended this education platform, rather than a traditional four-year school.

In fact, a large number of coders are self-taught and studies in 2015 said as many as 7.5 million coders were hobbyists. Clearly, formal education is not as necessary in tech-based jobs as it is in some traditional careers. To that end, it may be beneficial for your company to identify prominent tech bootcamps and source graduates from there to add to your team. There is no shortage of bootcamps, and fields that used to require master’s degrees, such as data science, now offer bootcamps instead, which produce equally talented workers.

Create a Modern Workplace

After hiring, retaining your employees should be a top priority. After all, going to the effort of sourcing and attracting workers just to lose them to your competition would be pointless. Keeping your employees around is all about connecting with them and understanding who they are.

Millennials are now the leading generation in the workforce, and Gen Z will soon be on their tail. Younger employees place more of an emphasis on work-life balance and are more technologically savvy by nature. Offer benefits that suit their interests and focus on streamlining the business process and workflow in your office.

A great tool for doing this is Ora. Acting as an all-in-one product management system, Ora can help you organize your workplace and teams using time-tracking and Kanban boards, while also fostering relationships through idea boards. Younger employees will appreciate this streamlined process.


The future of work is changing faster than ever, so you need to find employees who can take your company to new heights. Yet even important is the effort you make to retain those employees through benefits and streamlined management software that can make their lives easier. Take action now and set your company up for profound success in the future. There are tech hubs within Savannah that can help. Check out Savannah Master Calendar for networking opportunities and tech workshops. 


by | Mar 9, 2021

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