The Salvation Army of Savannah needs your help!

by | Dec 10, 2020

The Salvation Army of Savannah is Behind

on Red Kettle Campaign Goal

to Rescue Christmas and Provide COVID-19 Relief Assistance

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This year has been full of strife, loneliness, challenges, disputes, hostility, and desperation. As the holidays approach, we are all seeking for ways to reconnect, find joy, love, and most importantly – give back. During these times of the pandemic and economic stress, we have been reminded of the importance of giving and caring for those in our lives and in our community. This holiday season, some families won’t have food on the table or gifts under the Christmas tree – they are just trying to find ways to stay afloat. One organization we should all support has a mission of “Doing The Most Good” and is aiming to help those most in need while at the same trying to spread a little Christmas joy.

The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) recently launched their annual Red Kettle Campaign in order to ‘Rescue Christmas’ to aid children, families and individuals who are struggling financially, emotionally, and spiritually. The organization is running behind on its fundraising goal of $300,000 to put food on the table, pay bills, provide shelter and help place gifts under the tree. Around $21,000 has been raised by physical red kettles and $7,000 has been raised online through the virtual red kettle donation platform.

The funds raised through the organization’s holiday fundraiser are at risk this year due to COVID-19 while requests for services are at an all-time high. There are 26 kettles throughout Savannah this year until Christmas Eve, which have been up significantly less time this year due to the closing of retail stores and the decline in foot traffic. This limits TSA’s capability to provide desperately needed food and lodging to people in need in our region year-round.

An anonymous donor has offered to match every dollar given to the iconic red kettles through their attorney Paul Meyer, founding partner with Meyer & Sayers, LLP. When Meyer’s client showed an interest in planned giving benefitting TSA, he was very supportive because TSA is a multi-purpose nonprofit with a range of services that offers emotional and spiritual support to people when they are in need.

“It has been a blessing for me and my client to be a part of this year’s Red Kettle Campaign. When there’s an opportunity for redemption in someone’s life, that is something worth witnessing. The Salvation Army does a great job at providing people with a second chance and the resources they need to get back on their feet. There is leverage in every dollar given to the organization because of what they do,” Meyer said. “Faith is hollow if someone needs a jacket and you don’t give it to them. People in our community need our help and support, and The Salvation Army can help them. I urge individuals, businesses, and organizations to support this year’s campaign which is the most important to date and can have lasting impacts on local families.”

Supporters can now donate to the red kettles at every location through Apple and Google Pay using their phones for a secure and easy payment option. Donations are also welcomed via the online donation platform at or by texting “RedKettleSAV” to 76278. Through this platform, supporters can set up their own virtual Red Kettle to share among family, friends, and coworkers. Every donation provides help and hope to those in need, and all gifts stay within the greater Savannah community.

“It is crucial we meet our goal this year as our organization could serve up to 155 percent more people in Christmas assistance due to COVID-19. Since March, we have provided more meals, safe shelter, and emotional and spiritual support than ever to people in need. We have made if safer and simpler to donate in order to support those in need of help and hope in the Coastal Empire. Every dollar goes straight back to the Savannah community,” said The Salvation Army of Savannah’s Major Paul Egan. “Our donor’s generosity helps rescue Christmas for the most vulnerable and has provided us with the opportunity to double the amount we raise. Time is of the essence and we appeal to all community members to donate as much as possible when they see a red kettle around town or to donate online.”

About The Salvation Army of Savannah: The Salvation Army has served greater Savannah for the past 120 years and has always supported the most vulnerable in our community. Whether the community is affected by COVID-19, hurricanes, floods, fires or the Spanish influenza that impacted the world over a century ago, The Salvation Army continues to serve those who need it the most. For more information about TSA, please visit or call 912-200-3004.

by | Dec 10, 2020

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