Bespoke Design Academy for Youth and Adults in Savannah

by | Sep 26, 2021

Now available to the public in response to your requests, fashion designer Danietté is offering sewing courses!

Sharing her more than 20 years of sewing and design experience, Danietté is inspired to educate future generations and help them benefit from the “know-how” of this highly useful skill. With the disappearance of Home Economics courses from most educational programs, she hopes this will help bridge the gap for students and young adults interested in learning the craft of sewing.

At home, Danietté’s mom tended to favor scientific education, so as a young artist, she was somewhat left to her own devices. In search of a creative outlet, she spent hours sketching and honing this passion, one that she continues to possess and is inspired to ignite in young people today!

We share this encouraging information in conjunction with the announcement that Danietté now offers sewing classes for youth! She says, “PARENTS, don’t be stressed, leave this to the professionals! You have enough on your plate!”

The Winter Quarter Program will begin on Tuesday, November 2nd, time to be announced. Don’t miss this great opportunity for strong creative mentorship for your Middle or High School student. Encouraging mentorship along with education, Danietté believes in accessed learning with guidance as opposed to the “winging it” options. Let’s work together to assist your blossoming artist develop and grow their interests!

With a bias towards efficient, organized creativity, Danietté provides the following for students:
In-Class Sewing Machines
Sewing Kit
Fabrics and Notions for each Project
WorkSheets and Learning Materials
COVID-Safe Work Environment

Students attend 1 class per week and take home their learning elements.

Courses can be paid on a subscription basis of $175 per month or $475 for the entire curriculum!

Don’t miss out on this limited-time discounted offer!

Follow @bespokedesignacademy on FB and IG for more information, tips, and to sign up.


by | Sep 26, 2021

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