SOUL MOVES A 5Rhythms Waves Class w/ Dana Danielson

23may6:30 pm8:00 pmSOUL MOVES A 5Rhythms Waves Class w/ Dana Danielson

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In this practice we really welcome it all into the dance. We move with it all. We bring it ALL to the sacred dance floor and we put it in motion.
There is no right or wrong way to dance. There are no steps to follow. Your body and soul are the choreographers. You just have to show up!
 Through this medicine of movement and music, we explore ways to become more embodied. The more we “embody” the more we are present and fully in the here-and-now.

From this embodied presence we begin to free the soul which empowers us to really SEE. To see in a way that goes beyond looking at the surface and beyond ego. We move toward seeing the essence of ourselves, others and all around.

 I have been a student of the 5Rhythms for about 25 years. I fell in love with it at the very first moment I landed on a dance floor with 100 other soulful dancing maniacs. I had no doubt this practice was my way to pray. And it is the quickest route to my deepest Inner World.
 I became a certified teacher over 10 years ago and have been passionately “showing up” to create classes whenever and wherever I could around town (and then some.)
With an eclectic mix of music, and a few supporting words, I attune to the group and guide us on a soulful movement journey.
Where our journey takes us is a mystery (and unique to each person) but the destination is usually lighter, more free, and full of spirit.

 Wear comfortable clothing (much like yoga) with layers you can shed as you get warmer. We usually dance barefoot but wear dance-friendly footwear if you need to. (the floor is very nice)
Bring plenty of water!
Arrive 5-10 minutes early if you can, so you have time to warm-up on the dance floor as you quiet the mind.
We encourage everyone to try to leave the social chat and talk-time outside the door until after class. In this practice we honor the dance floor as a place where we speak mostly through the body.

Bring a journal if you wish.

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