Doing Business in Savannah During COVID-19

by | Aug 19, 2020

Doing business in Savannah during COVID-19 | Savannah Master Calendar

This is a guest blog by TradeBark

Doing business in Savannah during COVID-19:

Who knew 2020 would be so crazy?

Now, more than ever, it is critical that your business is able to be visible to your customers, and communicate changing policies in the wake of COVID-19.

Here are three easy ways to stay in front of your customers during the crazy train that is COVID-19:

1. Reaching Customers on a Google “My Business” Page

A Google My Business page is a great way for your organization to be visible and communicate to your customers, and best of all, it’s totally free!

Having a “My Business” page is super critical in 2020. Not only does it help your own website rank better in your search space, but it acts as something of a virtual business card, or brochure.

On your My Business Google listing, you can post pictures, get customer reviews, link to your website & social media, track phone calls, and post business hours.

In addition to reviews, your potential customers can ask questions about your products or services. Be careful here though, as any member from the general public can answer, so make sure you’re doing a good job taking care of your customers!

You can also make Google Offers!

A Google Offer is a totally free post on your listing that runs for 7 days. It can be a coupon, a sale item, a product spotlight, or an update to business hours or COVID policies. Your offer expires after 7 days, but you can re-post it, or create a new one as often as you like at no charge.

Each offer is trackable. That is, you can see how many people clicked it or took an action.

In fact, just about everything on your Google My Business listing can be tracked: How many people found your phone number and made a call, how many people looked for directions to your location(s), & how many people viewed you this month, vs. last month.

If your Business already has a Google listing, that’s great! Now is a good time to make sure that you are keeping it fresh, updated, and interacting with your current & future customers.

If you don’t have a “My Business” listing, creating one is free and easy! Just go to

Doing business in Savannah during COVID-19 | Savannah Master Calendar

2. Email Campaigns Are Quick and Easy

Good business owners and managers know that a customer database is one of your most valuable assets.

Hopefully your Point of Sale or invoicing software has been capturing valid email addresses of customers that have, or want, to do business with you! If not, you’re missing out on one of the cheapest and easiest ways to stay in front of your customer’s minds during 2020: email marketing.

Services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact are great for sending out messages to provide COVID updates, sales, or even just well wishes to the people on your contact list.

Making a great email campaign is quick, easy, and cheap (or free).

Remember, your customers are real people just like you, so when putting together your message, think about what kind of email you would be likely to open.

Don’t make an email that is boring, or in-your-face SELL,SELL,SELL! The point of your email is to inform, or refresh the customer’s interest in your brand, not anger someone. So try to get your message across well enough that you don’t have to send too many emails in a month. Nobody likes to get spammed.

A good email campaign starts with an engaging subject line. The subject line is the “hook” to get your recipient interested enough to open the email.

Think about how many emails you have gotten this year that say something like: “An update on our repose to COVID-19”, or: “Our latest update on COVID-19”. We all got emails with that subject line (or similar) from anyone we ever did business with.

After the first few, how many did you totally ignore?

Rather than another generic “COVID update”, try to be different. Make a subject line that would make you open the email.

In the body of the email, make sure to use your branding, and a picture or infographic, at the least.

Keep your wording fun, friendly, and to the point! Nobody wants to read a novel in their email.

Mailchimp and Constant Contact will give you tips and advice once everything is entered. For example, they know that too many emoji’s in a subject line might turn people off, or trigger more spam filters. It’s best to try to follow the advice when possible.

After you send off your email blast, you’ll start getting analytics. Time to track everything and see how you did!

Aim for a 15% to 25% Open Rate

According to Campaign Monitor, A good average “Open Rate” (how many people actually opened your email) is 15% to 25%.

A good average “CTR”, or Click-Through-Rate (how many people clicked a button in the email, or went to your website) is 2.5% or better.

Once your customers click through to your website, your website analytics can see if they bought anything, made a reservation, or filled out a contact form asking for more information.

3. Your Website is Critical to Reach Customers in 2020

Regardless of what type of business you are in, you have to have a great website.

Your website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to connect your brand to your customers.

Right now, many customers are leaving their homes much less frequently, and spending much more time online.

Customer buying habits have changed overnight: Bulk buying, panic buying, online shopping and delivery of items are up in 2020. (Source)

Many customers are choosing to order nonessential products online rather than go out into public. Others are still going out into public for non-essential products & services, but are researching local businesses before venturing out.

Source: BigCommerce

See What’s Selling Right Now – and What’s NOT

At the very least, make sure to give visitors a quick overview of your new COVID policies on your website.

Working with your web team or web design company.

Your web partner can get your site up and running for e-commerce. There are many different platforms that are available to make selling your products online relatively painless.

Want to know more?

Contact TradeBark Web in Savannah, GA.

Savannah SEO, Web Design and Development

Your website needs to be an interactive, dynamic experience that gives a memorable first impression, and draws your prospects in. A great website however, is of no use, if it can’t be found. Most users will find your website on a search engine, and most of those searches will be done using Google.

SEO: Take Search Ranking Seriously

There’s a joke that says: If you ever need to hide a dead body, you should place it on the second page of Google search results. It’s an exaggeration of course, but the meaning is “dead” on: SEO execution is critical. For your SEO & web design, TradeBark located in Savannah, GA creates dynamic website designs that rank high on Google, converting your visitors into customers!

Together, we will secure the digital connection with your audience you need to attach your customers to your brand.

Doing business during COVID-19 in Savannah:

Although it might not feel like it now, COVID-19 won’t be with us forever.

Don’t make your whole business about COVID.

Ultimately, when all of this is over, (and it will be), the thing that made you successful, and the thing that your customer wanted, will still be there when the outbreak is just a memory.

And in the meantime:

If you aren’t doing the above, don’t fret. Just start now. The hardest thing to do is start. Everything that comes after is easy.

And remember that overall, regardless of your industry, the keys to success are very simple:

  • Try as hard as you can.
  • Care about your customer.
  • Be great at what you do!

by | Aug 19, 2020

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