Join Us at the 1st Annual Savannah Carnaval!

by | Jun 28, 2019

By Jess Belfry, Owner of Hustle & Blow Dry Bar

In 2011 when my husband and I decided to relocate our family to Savannah from Green Bay, Wisconsin, we didn’t know what we had in store. We just knew that we could not take another −25° winter (yes, that’s right for those who have not traveled north…I said negative 25!).

Fast forward eight years this July, we are continually in awe of the warm (currently melting in my office at a balmy 105° heat index) support that Savannah gives to its community. I always thought it was strange to think of a city as an actual person, but living in Savannah, it is so clear that our city has its very own personality: a heartbeat that is fueled by passionate citizens and a culture that is forward-thinking and eccentric yet charming and—dare I say—a little “old-school” all at the same time!

This mix of eccentric–meets–down-home culture was the base of the inspiration for the 1st Annual Savannah Carnaval, set to take stage at The Clyde Venue on Saturday, July 27th at 6 PM. This fundraising event will bring to life the colorful imagination that we all have bottled up inside while supporting Hustle & Blow Dry Bar’s favorite charity, SD Gunner Fund.

Our goal for the event is to raise over $10,000. The money from the event will be put toward the training and adoption of a service dog for a Savannah family in need. SD Gunner Fund is a locally owned and operated 501(c)(3) charity that has been recognized for its work on a national level. SD Gunner is near and dear to many locally as the organization facilitates the training and adoption of service dogs for wounded veterans and exceptional children in need and helps build awareness for social issues such as the professionalism of service dogs, veterans affairs, and the needs of children with common and not so common needs such as autism, Chiari malformation, and congenital neutropenia.Becoming involved with this organization has led to our hearts melting over and over because we get to see sweet little pups be trained into their forever-purpose of helping someone in need. So the obvious question is: “will the service dogs be at this event?” Because who doesn’t love a photo op with a Great Pyrenees named SD Gunner, or an SD Dogo Argentino–mix named Liberty?!

The answer is yes! We will even have photogs Adriana Iris, Meredith Ryncarz, and Tara Ruby on hand to help capture these sweet moments for you!

How can you become involved? We are actively seeking guests to attend Savannah Carnaval as well as corporate sponsors. General admission to the event is $30 in advance (click here to purchase your tickets) and $40 at the door. The ticket includes live band entertainment from Emma Gullo and Ken Roy with DJ’s keeping the night alive in between sets, two complimentary drink tickets, photo ops galore, jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics from First City Fitness, flamenco models, and so much more! There will be light snackables indoors, but to help satiate your hunger, Chazito’s Latin Cuisine and Pie Society will be on-hand outdoors. And because it will be July and hot, we will also have Fête Chalet mixing it up with a complimentary outdoor bevvie station.

Wanting to participate even more? Awesome! Bring some cold-hard-cash to the event! We will have a rock-paper-scissors competition and the winner will take home half of the pot. And if you’ve been to The Clyde, you know they have some amazing mirrors to capture your best selfie, but we will transform these mirrors into an advertisement op for those who own businesses…or those of you who want to profess your love to your significant other (or political candidate). Not into professing your love? That’s cool—you can also buy tickets to play competitive games, which earn you more complimentary drinks! Plus, did we mention corporate sponsorship opportunities?! A big thanks thus far to the Trisha Cook Realty Team, Howard Family Dental, Thompson & Thompson Service Group, The Louver Shop of Greater Savannah, and Buenos Cleaning Services for helping to make this event happen with their monetary donations! We are still looking for more sponsors, so if this event sounds like an amazing time and if you love animals, the military, or children, then this sponsorship opportunity is right up your alley! Contact Jess at Hustle & Blow Dry Bar for more information.

Now let’s talk costumes…we strongly encourage costumes! However they are not necessary to come and have a good time while supporting an amazing cause. Needing a little inspo? Check out these pics we put together from our Savannah Carnaval photoshoot with Adriana Iris.

So what are you waiting for? Snag your tickets now because event space is limited! Group ticket sales are available, too.

The opportunity for you to assist in the training and adoption of a much-needed service dog is here!


Photo Credits:
Location: The Clyde Venue
Florals: Ivory & Beau
Hair, Makeup & Costumes: Hustle & Blow Dry Bar
Acrobatics: First City Fitness
Dog Models: SD Gunner Fund
Photographer: Adriana Iris
Models: Andresa Mueller, Amanda Calamari, Hannah Mills, Madison Hudgins, Gray Armstrong

by | Jun 28, 2019

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