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 HOW TO USE:  AVOID Scheduling Conflicts

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  3. Check WHICH Day of Week of THAT Month  ?  1st Sat ? 2nd Sat? 3rd Sat? 4th Sat. or LAST(NOTE: The Numbers refer to WHICH day of week – NOT a specific DATE) 
  4. Check the Listings in the Savannah Master Calendar- the FULL CALENDAR for Other events that might conflict -ie Monthly Meetings of the Savannah Chamber of Commerce, etc or special events that don’t occur annually.
  5. AVOID Conflicts by changing your event’s MONTH,  Date, DAY of Week,  START TIME. 
  6. ALWAYS Enter YOUR event’s Info into the the SOONER you enter YOUR event -the SOONER other people will AVOID conflicting!

** DISCLAIMER:  THINGS CHANGE:   The calendar below is based upon HISTORICAL records of when these events have taken place.  Please check with EACH organization directly to confirm actual dates for the CURRENT YEAR.

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